To the Prime Minister,

We, the undersigned, publicly condemn the proposed amendments in the Electoral Legislation Amendment (Party Registration Integrity) Bill 2021 as an attack on the one in six Australians who exercise their democratic right and vote for emerging parties. We request it is withdrawn and pursuit of these matters abandoned.

This Bill is an attack on the rights of Australians to organise for electoral representation. It is an attack on the freedom of association enjoyed by Australians. Under the shadow of a global pandemic this attack on our rights and freedoms cannot go unanswered.

We call on all Parliamentary representatives to oppose this Bill. Silencing voices of the electorate is an act of cowardice by leaders who are unwilling to listen to what people have to say.

This bill seeks to silence emerging parties with barriers to their ability to form and campaign. It actively shuts down the voices of millions of Australians who seek to improve the governance and policies debated in Australian Parliament. Passing this Bill will leave all Australians disempowered.

The Electoral Legislation Amendment (Party Registration Integrity) Bill 2021 will increase the membership requirements of emerging parties by 200%, and seek to limit the name choices of a party even further. These proposed laws attack legitimate voices in Australian politics. Emerging parties in less populous states and regional Australia will find these changes near impossible to overcome, entrenching the dominance of Sydney-Melbourne urban considerations in national policy discourse.

We call on all Australian Parliamentarians who respect the integrity of our democracy to reject this Bill.

Yours in Democracy,

The undersigned